Supplement Guide: Whey Protein

Widely regarded as the king of all supplements for muscle size and mass, whey protein is by far the most consumed supplement among bodybuilders and athletes alike. One of the fastest absorbing sources of protein on the planet, whey protein is used to promote growth of lean mass, as it is devoid of fat and other calorie heavy nutrients, giving the muscle just what it needs to grow big and strong.

For bodybuilders, whey protein is an absolute must, as a supplement and as a source of pure protein without all the add-ons.

What is Whey Protein?

Protein is the most valuable and necessary nutrient for muscle building and development. Even if you are not exercising or do not have an exercise routine at all, protein is a must if you want to maintain a healthy musculature, free of weakness and muscular fatigue.

For bodybuilders, this is doubly important, as their muscle go through a great deal of stress and breakage which then needs to be repaired. This is whey protein comes in, repairing the muscle and promoting the construction of new muscle tissue.

Whey protein is better absorbed into the body than animal protein, allowing it to work faster. This is why it has become a requisite for the majority of bodybuilders worldwide.

Benefits of Whey Protein

Whey protein is the most easily absorbed protein into the body. It is a high quality protein that the muscles can easily break down and use for repair and reinforcement. The better absorbing quality of whey protein makes it a faster working protein as well, as compared to casein and other slower absorbing proteins such as the ones included in weight gainers.

Being a pure protein in nature, it builds muscle more efficiently. The isolate form of whey protein ensures that your body gets only whey protein and nothing else. This is an added feature in supplements labeled as ‘Isolates’.

All in all, whey protein makes a wonderful addition to your supplementation and nutrition plan.