Top 4 Pre-Workout Supplements for Energy

The human body is very similar to an engine, when it comes to function and fuel consumption. Whether the engine is an average unit, dedicated to normal, everyday use, or a high performance piece of machinery, that oozes power, it needs both maintenance and a fuel source.

Fueling the Muscles

The gym-goer’s body is different from the average person’s. It is used to strenuous work, just like a high performance engine. Being so, it needs a good source of energy to be able to perform in the gym. In bodybuilding supplement terms, it means a good pre-workout supplement that provides the body with sustained energy, throughout the workout.

While proteins help the muscles grow and become better shaped, the mix of sugars and carbohydrates in pre-workout supplements give muscles the energy that they need to perform the required number of reps and sets.

Top Pre-Workout Supplements

The supplement world of today has options upon options for pre-workout formulas. Following is a list of pre-workouts, along with the unique qualities of each, to help you decide which brand of energy is ideal for you.

Cellucor C4 Pre-Workout

If explosive energy is what you want out of your pre-workout supplementation, then this is the supplement for you. C4 by Cellucor is good for principles involving explosive, high intensity workouts, such as plyometrics and strength training, due to the immediate effect it has on your body, allowing you to power through extremely heavy sets and perform some phenomenal lifts.


If you are looking for a formula that delivers nutrient after nutrient in each serving, then this is the pre-workout you should go for. Completely free of proprietary blends and abbreviated formulas, Pre-JYM by JYM delivers a potent punch that is good throughout the workout session.


Pure energy is what you can expect from this supplement, thanks to the 200 grams of caffeine in each serving. ESSENTIAL AMINO ENERGY can also be used in place of an afternoon coffee cup, and it is especially beneficial in this role due to the essential amino acid serving and no added sugar, making for a delicious and extremely healthy drink.

GAT Nitraflex

Perhaps the most powerful pre-workout supplement of the bunch is Nitraflex by GAT Sports. A lesser known formula, it packs a potent punch due to the testosterone promoting ingredients, which work to boost musculature while still playing the vital role of an energy source. Claiming to be three times stronger than the rest of the offerings, Nitraflex is ideal if you are aiming for leaner gains, making it the perfect pre-contest supplement.