Avoid the crumbs!

Do you have any favorite recipes that call for breadcrumbs?

Maybe you love classic eggplant parmesan… or delicious breaded baked fish, like tilapia.

I used to use breadcrumbs whenever I made my grandmother’s yummy meatballs… until I discovered a better, healthier option.

Now I replace those carb-heavy bread crumbs with a ‘superfood’…

Ground flaxseed.

Flaxseed can provide that tantalizing crispiness you love in breaded dishes, like fish or chicken.

And it has a slightly nutty flavor, so it’s a perfect complement to fish or poultry.

It’s also a great high-protein ‘binding agent’ in foods like meatballs and meatloaf. Just substitute flaxseed for the breadcrumbs.

Start off with a 50-50 mix of breadcrumbs and ground flaxseed, until you’re ready to go ‘full-flaxseed’!

Now, what makes flaxseed a superfood?

For starters, it’s an excellent source of protein.

And it’s loaded with low-carb dietary fiber, which helps you feel full faster — which can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Flaxseed is also chock-full of polyphenols — powerful compounds that help slow the aging process and even make your cells healthier.

Some of the polyphenols in flaxseed may even help reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, and certain kinds of cancer.

Last but not least: it’s high in omega-3 fatty acids, which contribute to better memory function, improved heart health, fewer mood swings, reduced joint pain, and a healthier immune system.

It’s easy to see why flaxseed is called a ‘superfood’ — and why I think you should use it instead of breadcrumbs in all your recipes.

So, grab a bag next time you’re doing your grocery shopping. You’ll find it (whole or ground) in the flour aisle.

Now, I always buy whole flaxseed. It stays fresh longer than ground, and it only takes a few seconds to grind up a quick batch in a coffee grinder whenever you need some.

(Note: You need to grind it to get any health benefits. Otherwise the seeds will pass through your system, undigested.)

For maximum freshness, store it in your refrigerator or freezer until you’re ready to use it.

Then start sowing these seeds of health in your meals!

Now, if you like the taste — or just want to reap all those benefits — there’s no need to wait until you’re making meatloaf or breaded chicken.

Just add some to your salad, soup, yogurt, smoothie, or pretty much anything you eat regularly, and get those health benefits every day!

P.P.S. Now, after my ‘mayonnaise substitutes’ email, several of you wrote to say I told you not to eat yogurt. Let me clarify:

Nonfat plain Greek yogurt is an excellent and healthy source of important vitamins, minerals, and protein.

But avoid any yogurt with added sugar or high fructose corn syrup.

Amy Lee, MD (Nucific)